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Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions can be answered by reviewing our Professional Development page, but below are some questions that are often asked by interested teachers and schools.

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Q. I am a teacher outside of the United States. Can I participate in the Mobile CSP PD?

Yes, Teachers outside the U.S. are welcome to participate in the PD, either at their own pace online at any point year-round, or concurrently with an online cohort provided they have sufficient appropriate English language skills.

Q. I am a high school computer teacher at an independent school and do not hold a valid state teaching certificate.  Can I still participate in the Mobile CS Principles PD?

Yes, independent school teachers are eligible to participate. 

Q. I am offering the CSP course at the middle school level. Can I still participate in the Mobile CSP PD?

Yes, however, the curriculum is geared at an advanced placement level. 


Q. Does the Mobile CSP PD satisfy the College Board Summer Institute requirement to teach AP CSP?

Yes! Mobile CSP is endorsed by the College Board as an AP CSP curriculum and PD provider. The Mobile CSP PD can be considered an alternative to attending the College Board AP Summer Institute workshop. However, you may decide to participate in both.

Q. My school is planning to offer AP CSP, but the course is not scheduled to run until the following academic year. Can I still participate in the Mobile CSP PD?


Q. Do I have to teach the course as Advanced Placement (AP)?

No.  One of our primary goals is to broaden participation in computing.  We encourage teachers and schools to offer the course at whatever level is most appropriate for their students. 


Q. When can I register for PD?

You can register at any point up to 30 days before the PD start date (varies by PD). In some cases, some PDs may have earlier deadlines. Check our Professional Development page for available PDs and any special deadlines.

Q. I am offering the CSP course in the following academic year. Can I still participate in summer PD this year?

We would prefer you let us know you are interested now, but you should sign up for the summer PD next year. This will allow you to have the full year-long PD experience.

Q. What is the difference between online and hybrid / in-person PD?

Mobile CSP offers our PD in two different formats: online and hybrid. The online PD is completed entirely online with no required in-person meetings but there are required weekly virtual meetings with an assigned PD Facilitator. The hybrid PD blends in-person and online training. Both formats will complete similar schedules and assignments. Our research has shown no significant difference in learning outcomes between the two formats. In other words, both the online and hybrid format will adequately prepare teachers to implement and successfully teach the Mobile CSP curriculum. 

Q. How do I determine whether I should participate in the extended or immersion option?

Immersion | This is a 50 hour professional development course (including out-of-class assignments) recommended for teachers who have significant background in CS, such as college courses in CS, experience teaching CS, or extended self-study of CS.

Extended | This is a 90-100 hour professional development that is equivalent to taking a college-level CS Principles course. This PD is recommended for teachers with no prior education or teaching experience in computer science.

While we typically recommend extended for beginners and immersion for experienced CS teachers, however, teachers are welcome to participate in whichever program they see fit.  

Q. How often do participants meet during online PD?
Teachers participating in the online professional development are required to attend an orientation about a month before the PD begins and then attend regular weekly meetings during the summer. PD Facilitators will be hosting 3 to 4 meetings per week and teachers are required to attend at least 3 meetings per week.

Q. Are there certain times that I need to work on the PD? What scheduled activities are teachers expected to complete?


Hybrid / In-person & Online | Throughout the week, teachers will work in cohort to complete predetermined lessons, activities, and assignments. Teachers may need to complete lessons before arriving to the PD.


Hybrid / In-person | On the days where lessons are completed in-person, teachers will work together in groups to complete lessons and units. Teachers must be present for the in-person days. For the other portions of the training, teachers will complete the assignments before the due date and attend at least one weekly meeting with PD Facilitator and cohort.

Online | With the online training, there are no required in-person meetings. However, teachers must attend at least one weekly virtual meeting with their PD Facilitator and cohort. The PD lessons can be completed at each teacher’s leisure before the due date. PD Facilitators are available throughout the PD to provide ongoing support and asynchronous communication.

Q. What will be covered during the PD?

In the online and hybrid format, teachers will work with a PD Facilitator to complete predetermined assignments and a pacing guide. With both formats, teachers are provided a set of lessons and units that they will work on before the deadline. Teachers will work through the student materials to learn and experience exactly what their students will in the course. The student material lessons are supplemented with review of the teacher materials. Participants in the PD are expected to complete the assigned student lessons and reflect on the teacher materials. During the weekly meetings with the assigned PD Facilitator and cohort, teachers will discuss the lessons, units, and best practices they have learned. The PD Facilitator’s role is to support and lead teachers through the course and help guide them through the lessons. PD Facilitators are available throughout the PD to provide ongoing support and asynchronous communication. Learn more here: Mobile CSP PD Overview.

Q. Will there be housing available at the regional PD sites?

Travel and lodging expenses are not included in the tuition (unless otherwise noted).   If applying for a regional site, teachers are expected travel to and from that site each day. Depending on the site and coordinators, they may be able to secure a discount for on-campus housing during the summer, if needed, but this is not guaranteed.


Q. Are there funding opportunities available to participate in the PD?

Yes. The Mobile CSP Project, through its support from the National Science Foundation, state grant funding, and special partnerships, has a limited amount of funding for scholarships for participating schools and teachers. These scholarships are intended for teachers in school districts that cannot afford the tuition. Scholarships will prioritize schools that have never offered computer science, serve underrepresented students, and have high percentages of free-and-reduced lunch students. Learn more and apply here: Mobile CSP Scholarship.

Some PD locations may provide additional funding to support teacher participation. Contact Mobile CSP if you have any questions.

Q. How do I submit payment?

Once your registration form has been reviewed, Mobile CSP will send you an email with further information on how to submit payment. Payment must be submitted one month before PD begins.