Professional Development Overview


The Mobile CSP Professional Development (PD) program aims to prepare teachers to teach the Mobile CSP curriculum which follows the Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles Framework and is endorsed by the College Board. The PD is designed to be accessible to teachers new to computer science (CS) as well as experienced CS teachers. The PD is focused on providing teachers with:

What You'll Do in the PD

Expectations for Participation

Part 1: The PD Course

The Mobile CSP program offers three types of PD tailored to support individual teacher backgrounds in a flexible schedule and format. Participating teachers are organized into small 10-12 person cohorts that are mentored by a Mobile CSP facilitator during both the PD itself and the subsequent school year.

Part 2: Academic Year Support & Mentoring

Below is a description of the PD support provided during the academic year.

Credentials Offered

Mobile CSP acknowledges the achievement of every teacher who completes the PD program by awarding one of the following:

Additional CSP Professional Development Opportunities