Course Setup

For Administrators

Presentation for Administrators and Counselors - Mobile CSP

For Teachers

Setting up the AP Mobile CSP course at your school may involve requesting a new course be added to your schools' course catalog and getting approval from your district. You may need to include information from this example course proposal in a new course proposal.

IT Requirements

In order to offer the AP Mobile CSP course, schools must have the appropriate technology available, including student access to Google accounts, wifi, and mobile devices. For more information, please see see the Mobile CSP IT Checklist.

Funding Options

If you are a teacher or school looking for available funding options to cover the costs of starting the course, you may find this Mobile CSP IT Funding Suggestions and Recommendations document helpful.

Perkins funding may also be available in your district. Mobile CSP qualifies as one of the courses to be added in a three-course CTE Pathway. One example pathway is:  (1)Exploring Computer Science (2)Computer Science Principles (3)Computer Science A.