Mobile CSP Curriculum Materials

Teacher Forum and Shared Resources

The Teaching Mobile CSP Forum is a Google Group for verified educators to ask questions and share resources and ideas. The group also provides access to shared resources on Google Drive. Resources include:

Inclusive CS Teaching Resources

The Inclusive CS Teaching site, hosted by the National Center for CS Education, includes resources designed to help teachers support all students to be successful in their high school computer science classrooms. The strategies outlined on the site are used directly in the Mobile CSP curriculum and professional development. Each strategy is grounded in evidence demonstrating its effectiveness for students historically underrepresented in computing but support the learning process for all students.

Student E-Book (Blue)

This is where you will find the complete lessons, readings, videos, and interactive exercises. Approximately half the lessons and projects focus on building socially useful mobile apps with MIT's App Inventor for Android.   The other half focuses on computer science topics ranging from algorithms to binary numbers to computer security.  Readings from Blown to Bits ask students to reflect on some of the big societal issues that characterize 21st century computing, such as privacy, security, and social networking.

Teacher E-Book (Green)

This is where our teacher materials and resources are kept. Go here to find lesson plans, access assessments and solutions, and additional resources including pedagogy for teaching Computer Science. Teachers are provided with a detailed lesson plan for each of the student lessons. Each lesson plan is aligned to the Learning Objectives and Essential Knowledge statements provided by the College Board's AP CS Principles Framework. Assessment materials are provided including unit quizzes, exams, and a teacher dashboard for tracking student progress on interactive, self-check exercises.