Amazon Future Engineers

Mobile CSP has partnered with Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) on the Alexa for Astronauts program. The partnership involves creating a new lesson module focused on programming Amazon Alexa skills in MIT App Inventor with a space-theme. Mobile CSP's Alexa in Space unit consists of five spaced-themed lessons amounting to approximately 10 45-minute class periods. Students will explore artificial intelligence (AI) concepts by creating Alexa skills. In addition, students will explore the question of how voice AI can help inexperienced space travelers, such as tourists, complete everyday tasks in a microgravity environment. Teachers and students are invited to participate in a space tour as well as a new space-themed Amazon Alexa skill challenge that will launch in Spring 2022. 

Mobile CSP's Alexa in Space unit is designed for students who are currently enrolled in or have completed an Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science course. The lessons are aligned with CSTA K-12 CS Standards and the AP Computer Science Principles framework (AP CSP). It can be completed during the AP CSP course so that students can use it for their Create Performance Task or completed after the AP CSP exam as additional content. 

Mobile CSP will provide training to teachers to increase their own AI content knowledge through the use of the lessons as well as help to develop teacher ability to effectively teach the lessons to students in their Mobile CSP course(s). After the training, teachers will use the Amazon Alexa lessons in their Mobile CSP class with their students. Initially, the program will implement a pilot of the training and curriculum then scale up to a larger pilot sample and then, finally be made publicly available for use through our free interactive e-book on Runestone Academy in Spring 2022.

Preview of the MIT App Inventor Alexa programming environment.