Resources for Teaching the Mobile CSP Course

Teach Them Where They Live

Mobile CSP is a project-based curriculum. Student projects focus on building socially useful, place-based mobile apps. In this way, student learning is associated closely with their interests and grounded in their schools, their homes, and their communities.

Navigating the Curriculum (LOCATED: Mobile CSP Curriculum)
The curriculum is currently hosted in two separate branches each of which are explained below. While the Student Branch and Teacher Branch look similar, you can tell the difference between them by looking at the navigation bar -- the Teaching Branch has a green bar while the Student Branch has a blue bar.

Professional Development (LOCATED: Professional Development)
The Mobile CSP Professional Development prepares teachers to teach the AP Computer Science Principles course using the Mobile CSP Curriculum.  Teachers in the professional development work with a small professional learning community and a facilitator to work through the Teacher and Student branches of the course, mentioned below. Learn more and sign up for professional development here.

Teacher Branch - Green (LOCATED: Bring CSP To Your School menu item)
The Teaching Mobile CSP branch is specific to instructors and provides supplemental and supporting materials for teachers to utilize including lesson plans, discussion prompts for the professional development meetings, and sections on pedagogy for teaching computer science. In the companion Student Branch mentioned below, the actual Mobile CSP content is presented. Access the Teacher Branch here. 

Student Branch - Blue (LOCATED: Bring CSP To Your School menu item)
The Student Mobile CSP branch contains all the student-facing materials. Teachers will need to have students register for the Student Branch of the course and use it directly during the academic year. Teachers will complete lessons during the summer PD that will be available through this branch. Access the Student Branch here.

Teacher Forum and Shared Resources (LOCATED: Link on the Home page)
The Teaching Mobile CSP Forum is a Google Group for verified educators to ask questions as well as to share resources and ideas. The group provides access to a set of shared resources on Google Drive. Resources include assessments, solutions, slide presentations, and more. Join the group here.

Inclusive CS Teaching Resources (LOCATED: Link on the Home page)
The Inclusive CS Teaching site, hosted by the National Center for CS Education, includes resources designed to help teachers in supporting all students to be successful in their high school computer science classrooms. The strategies outlined on the site are used directly in the Mobile CSP curriculum and professional development. Each strategy is grounded in evidence demonstrating its effectiveness for students historically underrepresented in computing, but support the learning process for all students.

Research Project Participation Open to Concurrent Enrollment Teachers (LOCATED: Concurrent Enrollment)

Did you or do you plan to participate in the Mobile CSP CE project with partners Capital Community College or Southwest Minnesota State University? If so, consider participating in our research project. Teachers who submit data will have the midterm and final exams created and graded for them. Learn more here.