The Mobile CSP Project, through its support from the National Science Foundation and other grant funding, has a limited amount of funding for scholarships for schools and teachers participating in our professional development (PD) opportunities. These scholarships are intended for teachers in school districts that cannot afford the tuition. Scholarships will cover half the cost of tuition unless otherwise noted.


** Teachers who have already completed the Mobile CSP PD are NOT eligible for a scholarship. **



Scholarships will prioritize schools that have never offered computer science, serve underrepresented students, and have high percentages of free-and-reduced lunch students.

Fee Schedule and Scholarships

PD fees are used to compensate the Mobile CSP PD Facilitators and to cover the project's administrative expenses. The fees cover participation in the PD, mentoring throughout the school year, periodic webinars on topics of CS content and pedagogy, free access to all teaching and classroom resources, and access to the Mobile CSP teacher dashboard for the school year. Fees are due one month before the PD starts. Information about our refund and cancellation policy and procedures can be found here.

Limited PD scholarships may be available. Learn more.

How to Apply


Applications for scholarships are now available and will be applied to PD tuition in immersion or extended formats. Scholarship applications will be reviewed once a week. We will contact you via email about the status of your application once reviewed. If you have questions, contact

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mobile CSP Scholarship

Q: My school has offered computer science in the past, can I still apply?

A: Yes. We encourage all teachers to apply. However, please remember that priority will be given to schools that have never offered computer science, serve underrepresented students, and have high percentages of free-and-reduced lunch students.

Q: Can the scholarship be applied to travel cost?

A: No. The scholarship is only applicable to the cost of tuition for a Mobile CSP professional development session.

Q: Will the scholarship cover the entire tuition cost?

A: If awarded, the scholarship will cover half the cost of tuition. You are responsible for submitting the remaining tuition payment by the payment deadline (one month BEFORE the PD begins). If funds are available we may award full scholarships to those schools who demonstrate a high need and could not afford the tuition without support, however, we cannot guarantee full funding.

Q: I was awarded a scholarship but my school cannot afford the remaining tuition cost. What other options do I have?

A: If you are a teacher or school looking for available funding options to cover the costs of starting the course, you may find this Mobile CSP IT Funding Suggestions and Recommendations document helpful.

Perkins funding may also be available in your district. Mobile CSP qualifies as one of the courses to be added in a three-course CTE Pathway. One example pathway is: (1) Exploring Computer Science (2) Computer Science Principles (3) Computer Science A.

We also recommend checking out options such as DonorsChoose which allows teachers to crowdsource for classroom supplies and projects.